Wanaka: Perfect for Photography

Recently, Ben  and his girlfriend Rosie stayed at Wyndham Resort Wanaka as a guest of an Owner. ‘Being a photographer, the highlight of the trip was the super clear nights for night photography – and Amisfield Winery in Queenstown.’


‘The Resort was brilliant.  I spent most mornings in the exercise room.  Our room was well appointed and all the staff  I dealt with were professional and very friendly’. We’re glad you enjoyed your stay Ben – and the photos are stunning!

Things to do in Phuket


Phuket is a favourite vacation spot because of its beaches, food and nightlife. It’s one of those affordable holiday destinations that you could take your entire family to without breaking the bank, or if you want to spoil your other half with some needed luxury.

Whether you want to dive in the Andaman Sea, explore the surrounding islands or immerse yourself in authentic Thai culture, Phuket has much to offer. Here, we recommend some of the must-dos when visiting the second-smallest province of Thailand.

Singapore: Asia’s City in a Garden


With its modern cityscape that features new-age architectural megastructures and countless skyscrapers, Singapore isn’t the first place that comes to mind when planning a back-to-nature style holiday. But this forward-thinking country is sometimes referred to as ‘a city in a garden’ – and for good reason!

Packed into Singapore’s compact 718.3 square kilometres is a surprising amount of greenery including more than 300 parks, four nature reserves and two extensive native tree conservation zones, all linked by a 200-kilometre park connector network. In a refreshing display of the beauty of nature in an urban setting, the streets are lined with trees and even the bridges and overpasses are draped in bright flowers.



Singapore offers delicious affordable eats and fine dining cuisine. Bargain shopping is easy to come by and the countless attractions will give you something different to explore every day.

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